Zeta Iota Chapter at St. Louis University

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Lexi Nelson


Why KD? “Kappa Delta has pushed me to grow in new ways and made me the best version of myself. The girls in this chapter are so loving and supportive and will have your back no matter what. When I was going through recruitment, I could really see myself as a part of this chapter because of the amazing energy from the girls I talked to. I went Kappa Delta to find a home away from home here at SLU ”

  • Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Major: Elementary Education

Cait McNulty

Vice President

Why KD? "I know how important community is in making a place like SLU feel like home. When I met Kappa Deltas during recruitment I knew immediately that they were the kind of people that I wanted to surround myself with, the kind that builds you up and pushes you to be your best self."

  • Hometown:: Paris, France
  • Major:: Psychology

Stella Henline

Vice President of Events and Programming

Why KD? "I chose Kappa Delta because the confidence of the women around me was infectious. As soon as I walked in that room, I knew that the person I was when I was around them was the person I wanted to be for the rest of my life."

  • Hometown:: St. Louis, MO
  • Major:: Forensic Science

Megan Stettler

Vice President of Inclusion

Why KD? "I went KD because of the positive energy I saw throughout the recruitment process and I stay KD because of the amazing friends I’ve made and the support everyone gives each other."

  • Hometown:: Glenview, IL
  • Major:: Nursing

Kelly Long

Vice President of Learning and Development

Why KD? "I chose Kappa Delta because of the inviting and warm energy I felt from the beginning. I stay Kappa Delta because it allows me to be in an environment where I am pushed to be the best person, friend, and sister I can be. The relationships I have created with the members of this chapter I know will last me a lifetime!"

  • Hometown:: Columbia, IL
  • Major:: Finance and Economics

Rosanne Gerami

Vice President of Finance

Why KD? "I went KD because I saw a group of girls that raise each other up and help instill confidence in each other!"

  • Hometown:: St. Louis, MO
  • Major:: Finance and Economics

Grace Shares

Vice President of Recruitment and Marketing

Why KD? "I love KD because of the confidence and kindness each member exudes. Kappa Delta is a home away from home for me and I look forward to what this next year brings for council and all our members!"

  • Hometown:: St. Charles, IL
  • Major:: Nursing

Lucy Whittaker

Panhellenic Delegate

Why KD? "I chose KD because not only did I immediately feel supported and welcomed into this sisterhood but I’ve also felt empowered to be myself and to share my passions with our chapter. KD has given me the confidence to be my authentic self :)"

  • Hometown:: Kansas City, MO
  • Major:: Nursing
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